Ruger Mini 30 with magazine

[Review] Ruger Mini Thirty: A Versatile AK Alternative

The Ruger Mini Thirty hails from a long line of military greatness, but this tame-looking rifle often goes overlooked. Firearm Review is shining a light on this small but mighty favorite. Read to find out what we love about the Mini Thirty.
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Taurus Curve

[Review] Taurus Curve: Concealed Carry, Reimagined

Tired of being poked and prodded by your CCW? The Taurus Curve may be for you. Or it may not be. This rather… unique…  take on a sub-compact concealed carry weapon has sparked some heated debates. While some reviewers sing its praises, others refer to it with the less-than-affectionate nickname the “Taurus Turd.” Whether you […]

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FN PS90 SBR with accessories

[Review] FN PS90: Futuristic Design

Our team at Firearm Review takes a closer look at the FN PS90, a unique bullpup rifle with sci-fi inspiration. Read our review to learn what we think about this rifle!
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HK VP9 Left Side

[Review] HK VP9: The People’s Pistol

We take a closer look at the Heckler & Koch VP9, as well as our favorite lights, holsters, and night sights for this pistol. Read the full review at Firearm Review.
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Beginner Home Defense Handguns

It might be one of the most important choices you make as a firearms owner, but don't let that scare you - we're here to help! Find the right handgun for your home!
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