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Long Range Gear

Best Range Gear: What You Need to Bring

Want to have the best range day ever? We're sharing our favorite pieces of range equipment, from basic must-haves to our precision wishlist items. Firearm Review is here to show you what you need at the range!
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Pepper spray close up

Best Stun Guns and Pepper Spray

Looking for a less-than-lethal way to defend yourself? Firearm Review is sharing our favorite pepper sprays and stun guns. Learn more and stay safe!
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Red dot on AR

Red Dots vs. Holographic Sights: Which is Best?

Electronic sights can be faster and easier to use than iron sights, but which is the right one for you--holographic sights or red dots? Firearm Review is here to break down the differences and show you which option is right for you.
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Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Firearm Review has rounded up the best gun cleaning kits to keep your pistol, rifle, or shotgun sparkling. Check out our top picks!
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IFAK and magazines

Best IFAK Pouches

IFAKs got their start in war, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for civilians. Firearm Review is running down why you need one, what goes in it, and the best IFAK pouches and kits on the market.
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tactical folding knives

Best Tactical Knives

Prepare for the worst with a great tactical knife and discover just why these knives are necessary for anyone on the front lines. Our team at Firearm Review has rounded up our favorites for you. Learn more!
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