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Many people have childhood memories of firing a .22 rifle for the first time. If you’re one of these people who was introduced to hunting and guns through the low-powered .22 caliber, you already have some experience with rimfire ammunition.   If you’ve spent any time reading up on ammunition, you have probably come across […]

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Best 10mm Handguns: Because S&W is Short & Weak

Almost all gun owners have taken part in or at least heard of, the 9mm vs .45 ACP caliber debate.  You’ve probably also seen this debate with the .40 S&W caliber thrown in for good measure. There’s one caliber, however, that doesn’t get as much attention, the 10mm Auto.   10mm Auto is one of […]

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AR-15s With Tactical Upgrades

Best AR-15 Upgrades: From Buttstock to Muzzle

Modifying and changing your rifle to suit your needs is fun and productive. But it can also be overwhelming. We take a look at the best mods to get you started and help guide you along the way.
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Differences Between the Cartridges

Mil-Spec vs Commercial: M vs XM Variants of 5.56

There are almost as many kinds of ammo as there are guns in the world! When it comes to 5.56, you'll see names like "milspec", "XM193", "M855", "XM855" and lots more. Don't worry, we'll take the mystery out of them!
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