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Best Non-1911 .45s

The 1911 has been a staple of American gun culture since it was first used by American GIs over 100 years ago. A century later, the 1911 is still going strong, with modern takes on the classic design serving as everything from competition guns to carry guns.   You could even find the 1911 serving […]

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Beginner Home Defense Handguns

It might be one of the most important choices you make as a firearms owner, but don't let that scare you - we're here to help! Find the right handgun for your home!
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Wilson Combat CQB Tactical LE

Best 1911s For Every Budget: The American Classic

The 1911 is one of the most recognizable and iconic handguns of all time. Despite its design, which is more than a century old, the 1911 is still quite popular today. Like the AR-15, its success of the Colt 1911 has inspired a number of other companies to make pistols following the 1911 platform. While […]

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Zev Ultimate Trigger

Best Glock Triggers: Drop That Pull Weight & Creep

Glocks have earned the reputation of being some of the most dependable firearms in the industry – and for good reason. When it comes to stress and wear-and-tear, Glocks can take a lot of abuse and still operate as if they were brand new. Despite being one of the most balanced handguns out the box, […]

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