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Best Non-1911 .45 ACP Handguns

The 1911 has been a staple of American gun culture since it was first used by American GIs over 100 years ago. A century later, the 1911 is still going strong. Modern takes on the classic design serve up everything from competition guns to carry guns.   You could even find the 1911 serving on […]

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Best .380 ACP Carry Guns

Pocket pistols and small CCWs are an effective and important carry option. We took a look at the options and found our recommendations for the best .380 ACP pistols!
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22LR Rifle with Ammo

Best Rimfire Ammunition: .22 LR & More

Let's talk about rimfire ammo! We'll walk you through what rimfire is and how it differs from centerfire, the pros and cons of rimfire, and some recommendations on the best rimfire ammo available.
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