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EDC OWB belt

Best Gun Belts

Everyone needs a good belt, be it for CCW or competition or duty carry - a great belt is critical. Find our top pics and recommendations for the Best Gun Belts!
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Glock 18C cutouts

Glock 18 FAQs

Drooling over the fully automatic Glock 18? Us too. Firearm Review gives you the rundown on everything you need to know about this very cool pistol. Read our Glock 18 FAQ!
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Taurus Curve

[Review] Taurus Curve: Concealed Carry, Reimagined

Tired of being poked and prodded by your CCW? The Taurus Curve may be for you. Or it may not be. This rather… unique…  take on a sub-compact concealed carry weapon has sparked some heated debates. While some reviewers sing its praises, others refer to it with the less-than-affectionate nickname the “Taurus Turd.” Whether you […]

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300BLK 5.56 7.62 Comparison

[Review] Best .300 Blackout Ammo

The firearms industry is full of revolutionary new ammo that tends to fizzle out--except for one. Discover why .300 Blackout may be your new favorite round for your AR-15! Read our review of the best .300 BLK ammos on Firearm Review.
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Glock 43 OWB Holster

Best Glock 43 Holsters

Planning to tote your Glock 43 with you? You'll need a holster. Our team at Firearm Review is here to help with our guide to the best holsters for Glock 43s. Read to learn which holsters we recommend.
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Reloading bench

Beginner’s Guide to Reloading

Want to break into reloading your own ammo? We're here to help with our beginner's guide to reloading ammunition. Read Firearm Review to learn how you can save money and improve your shooting with reloading.
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