IFAK and magazines

Best IFAK Pouches & Supplies

IFAKs got their start in war, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for civilians. Firearm Review is running down why you need one, what goes in it, and the best IFAK pouches and kits on the market.
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Leatherman Skeletool CX

8 Best Multitools [2020]

Want to be prepared for anything your day can throw at you? Then check out our favorite multitools and snag one of the best for yourself!
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EDC Knife 2

Best EDC Knives

Pockets feeling a little light? Firearm Review is sharing our top recommendations for pocket knives you’ll want to carry every day. Get the details here!
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Tactical Backpack

Best Go Bags and Essentials List

Want to be prepared for anything? We cover the best go bags and an essentials list to filling them up with everything you'll need.
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