Ruger Mini 30 with magazine

[Review] Ruger Mini Thirty: A Versatile AK Alternative

The Ruger Mini Thirty hails from a long line of military greatness, but this tame-looking rifle often goes overlooked. Firearm Review is shining a light on this small but mighty favorite. Read to find out what we love about the Mini Thirty.
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300BLK 5.56 7.62 Comparison

[Review] Best. 300 Blackout Ammo

The firearms industry is full of revolutionary new ammo that tends to fizzle out--except for one. Discover why .300 Blackout may be your new favorite round for your AR-15! Read our review of the best .300 BLK ammos on Firearm Review.
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FN PS90 SBR with accessories

[Review] FN PS90: Futuristic Design

Our team at Firearm Review takes a closer look at the FN PS90, a unique bullpup rifle with sci-fi inspiration. Read our review to learn what we think about this rifle!
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AR-15 Barrel length

Best AR-15 Barrels

Looking for a new barrel for your AR-15? Look no further! Our team at Firearm Review is here to give you the rundown on the best aftermarket AR-15 barrels. Read our review to learn why we like these companies!
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Adjustable Gas Blocks

Best Adjustable Gas Blocks

Want an affordable, but effective, upgrade for your AR-15? You need an adjustable gas block. We're taking a closer look at why to use one, how to use it, and our top picks for adjustable gas blocks. Read our recommendations.
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AR-15 with light

Best AR-15 Flashlights

Every home-defense AR-15 needs a light! Find our recommendations for the best and brightest flashlights for home-defense, hunting, and more!
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