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22LR Rifle with Ammo

Best Rimfire Ammunition: .22 LR & More

Let's talk about rimfire ammo! We'll walk you through what rimfire is and how it differs from centerfire, the pros and cons of rimfire, and some recommendations on the best rimfire ammo available.
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10 Best Handguns for Women: No Pink Guns Here

Looking for a woman-friendly handgun? Our team at Firearm Review has you covered. You won't find any pink guns here--just tried and true favorites our female teammates love. Check out our top picks!
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featureless ar-15

Best Featureless AR-15 Parts & Builds

Keep your AR-15 legal in the Golden State of California! Featureless AR-15s can still be functional and a great option for home defense and tactical training.
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5 Best AR-15 Piston Uppers For Your AR-15 Build

Want to get the most out of your AR-15? Give a piston-driven upper a try! We'll walk you through the best picks for every budget and tell you just what you need to know to kick your rifle build up a notch.
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IFAK and magazines

Best IFAK Pouches & Supplies

IFAKs got their start in war, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for civilians. Firearm Review is running down why you need one, what goes in it, and the best IFAK pouches and kits on the market.
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